Richard Ujhely - Hoboken Photogragher
Me and my girls.

25 things about me:

  1.  I grew up in Massachusetts which makes me a C’s, B’s, Sox and Pats fan.
  2. On sports:  I like the designated hitter.   I think they should get rid of offsides in soccer.  I think tennis and golf should have to deal with crowd noise.
  3. I like to cook.  Smoker, outdoor grill, pressure cooker, oven or stove… Like ‘em all.
  4. I love to travel and have been to just over 50 countries which pales to The Love Machine, who I think has lapped me.
  5. When I think of my family, I also consider the Marcotte’s and Phillips’ part of that.
  6. Two of my high school teachers; Don Doliber and Al Brown had more of a significant impact on my life than they will ever know.  Mr. Brown would laugh at this as I think I did pretty poorly in his class.
  7. I like brain teasers.
  8. My favorite book is the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.
  9. I’m a germaphobe.
  10. I was on the last PATH train into the WTC on 9/11.
  11. The best thing I took away from my undergrad years at Villanova was my network of friends.  They really are the best people on the planet.
  12. I love to laugh.  If you’ve ever seen me catch a wave it can be an event.
  13. The most important thing in the world to me is my twin girls.  They give me never ending explosions of pride as I see them grow up…  hopefully not too fast!
  14. My favorite actors are Jimmy Stewart and Carey Grant.
  15. My favorite movies are It’s a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.
  16. I owe my entire appreciation for movies before 1975 to my grandmother; Mimi. 
  17. My first concert was the Kinks at the Worcester Centrum.
  18. I love board games and cards.  Some of my favorite games are backgammon, pinochle and I’ll admit to Axis & Allies.  Sometimes I would much rather stay at home and play Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit than go out.
  19. I love history.  I’ve been to the sites of four of the seven ancient wonders of the world.  One of my favorite podcasts is Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.
  20. I don’t drink coffee.
  21. My favorite tv characters are Columbo, Alan Shore, Mike Ehrmantraut, Thomas Magnum and Ray Donavan.
  22. I’ve always loved photography, but I started thinking about it seriously when I bought my first SLR for a safari trip to Africa in 1998.
  23. There was a time when I used to rent dark room space in Chelsea one night a week after work.
  24. Regarding photography; I feel like life is fleeting and things can change in a minute.  Sometimes it’s all about those small intimate moments.  My style is more photojournalistic though I like to do travel photography, children’s photography, family photography and portrait photography.  I think I do best at just recognizing a moment, grabbing the camera and trying to catch it.
  25. My favorite pictures are the ones where you get that warm feeling about a familiar time and place and smile with a fond memory.  I feel like that’s when I know I’ve done a good job.